Christianity Pages

I have a web site on Christian history and a Christian blog. I'm assuming, though, that if you wanted a Christian web site, you'd be there. The links below, however, are some basic information about Christianity that a lot of people don't know. No, not theology! Simple (and amazing) facts that you can use to form your own theology—or, better yet, to silence theologians. The information below really does qualify as the rest of the old, old story.

The summary that is linked here is very general and just touches on the problem, though it addresses the main one. There's more articles coming, and they'll be like this. I think they're terribly interesting. For example, the Apostles Creed is recited in many denominational churches across the world every week. Yet the doctrine that the Apostles Creed was designed to espouse is not believed by any of those churches! That's right, none of them, except possibly the “Orthodox” churches, whose doctrine on the subject I do not know. There's an article coming on that.

A Summary of Christianity: What It Was, and What It Ought to Be If You Want It to Work