Exercise Safety

These are just a few words on exercise safety to go with our fun, effective advice on fitness for fat guys over 40.

First and foremost, always consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program!!!

  1. If you have any reason to suspect your general health, consult a doctor! If you have high blood pressure or a history of heart disease in your family, consult a doctor! Make sure it's okay for you to do this!
  2. If you have joint pain, don't aggravate it. You could turn it from something temporary into something permanent.
    1. Pick exercises that don't hurt.
    2. Fix your joint pain!!! I highly recommend Pain-Free Living by Julie Donnelly. Get it. Read her web site while you're there. Learn the idea behind the techniques she teaches, and use them. They will change your life! Do NOT underestimate the importance or benefit of this advice!
    3. If you have any joint pain, look it up on the internet, or forego the research and see a chiropractor. There is sound professional advice on the internet for almost all joint problems. Just google your symptoms and pain location.