How to Make Money on the Internet

I keep rewriting this on how to make money on the internet because I keep learning. I'm not only going to tell you what I've been learning, but I'm going to show you the results of it.

I will tell you right up front that I have settled on SiteBuildIt! as the way to go. However, I'm going to tell you how a web site makes money on the internet, how SBI! helps you achieve exactly those goals, and then show you that SBI! is astonishingly inexpensive.Just over a year ago, after four months of studying web site success but not finding the time to achieve it, I attended a Stores Online seminar. Stores Online will tell you all the same things I'm telling you. They are convincing because their methods are correct, and they provide the tools to implement those methods.

But those tools cost $5998!!!

That's not even including the $29.95 per month web site hosting cost! Nonetheless, they were so convincing that 42 of the 45 people at that seminar went into debt, signing credit agreedments with Stores Online, in hopes of making money on the internet through their program.

"SBI! has long been the best way to e-business success. No other company even attempts to prove a track record like SBI!'s. They would if they could."

They won't.

They won't because there are flaws in the Stores Online system. They take shortcuts that will not work. Because they don't teach people how to take advantage of the long tail, their people won't get sufficient traffic. On top of that, they lean on drop shippers, a sales idea that can't work because no web site can compete with WalMart and other huge discount stores, even if they are buying from large drop shippers.

SBI!'s tools are free. They are going to charge you only the $29.95 web hosting fee, and that drops to $25 if you buy a year at a time as I do.

But don't go get it yet. Let me show you why it will—in fact, it must—make you money on the internet.

I'm also going to show you numerous examples that it does work, myself being one of them.

Don't check! This is not an SBI! site!

I'm going to show you the difference between my SBI! sites and my other sites. I'm the same person doing each site, but it's my SBI! sites that overflow with traffic.

SBI! automates the process I'm describing, saving time, and driving traffic much more efficiently than I could ever do on my own, all for less that $1/day.

Are you ready to make money on the internet?

Let's begin with traffic.