Evolution and Creation

I now have an entire web site on evolution and creation. You can submit your argument on the creation vs. evolution debate there as well.

I purposely did not name this section Evolution vs. Creation. I do not believe that evolution and creation need to oppose each other. While it is true that “young earth” creationism—the belief that the earth is 10,000 years old—cannot be reconciled with evolution, it is NOT true that evolution in any way suggests that there is not or cannot be a Creator.

This brings up many other questions, though. Are the days in Genesis literal 24-hour days? When God said that trees and other life reproduce after their kind, did he simply mean that they give birth to offspring like them, or was he setting limits that could never be crossed even by small steps over time? How literal are the Scriptures overall? How much can science be trusted, if it can be trusted at all?

It is these questions that I would like to discuss in this section. Because there are so many people who have written on this subject, there are also a lot of external links.

    External Links: Christian, Pro-Evolution
  • Glenn Morton (Christian, literal Bible-believer, geologist, former ICR teacher)
    External Links: Non-Christian, Evolution Controversy Sites, Pro-Evolution
  • Talk Origins

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